The 30-Day, Get-Important- Stuff-Done Challenge!

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Over the past couple of weeks I published a four-part video series to help you get your creative goals out of your head, off the back burner, and into the real world!

There’s no cost whatsoever for these videos. And people have been raving about them:

“This is really forcing me to sit down and look at my goals and projects and see what is important to me right now. Thanks, Bob!”Kelly Garland

“This is an unbelievable series! Such great advice put into doable steps. Thanks for presenting this in such an encouraging, knowledgeable, and down-to-earth teaching style. Can’t wait for a course!”Ira Baslow

If you missed any of the videos in the series, you can watch video #1 here …

Video #2 is here …

Video #3 is here …

And video #4 is here …

I feel very blessed to live a life filled with creativity, and even more blessed to make a living as an author — doing things that I’ve been genuinely interested in for decades.

My mission in life is to help more people act on their artistic desires and get cool stuff out into the world.

If you don’t take consistent action on your desires, your music or book or art never sees the light of day.

You deny yourself the personal satisfaction of turning your ideas into something that’s tangible.

You deny the world the benefit of the gifts you are uniquely qualified to create and share.

That’s why I created this no-cost video series — to help you kick Procrastination in the butt once and for all and Get Important Stuff Done!

If you watch all four videos and actually act on the ideas presented, I guarantee you will make massive progress toward the completion of your creative goals.

In fact, if you are ready to get “playfully serious” about it, I invite you to join me on a 30-Day, Get-Important-Stuff-Done Challenge.

It starts October 15. Get the details here …

To your continued success!


P.S. I want you to feel the personal satisfaction, pride and joy that come from seeing a creative project through to completion.

Please consider signing up for the “30-Day, Get-Important-Stuff-Done Challenge” today.

Visit this page for the low-down!


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