WRITERS: Don’t Do This to Yourself!

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WRITERS: Don't Do This to Yourself

Today I want to share an important message with you. It’s a short excerpt from The Empowered Artist book:

One of the main reasons creative people (and writers and authors in particular) are not more empowered is because they often cultivate a general sense of unworthiness.

As a result, the doubts and questions flow:

Stop it already. Please!

You sound pathetic when you say these things (even when the voice is only in your head).

Just think if you thought that way every time you brushed your teeth or tied your shoes:

Doesn’t this sound ridiculous? Of course, it does.

One way writers and artists try to subdue these negative feelings is to gain credibility. They often seek out some form of officially sanctioned approval. Doing so, they think, will appease their family and friends, the nasty voices in their heads, and even the Gods.

So they take classes, pursue degrees, get certified, study with established mentors, or jump through countless academic hoops in order to earn a couple of letters to follow their names.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with these things – as long as they’re done with an intention to hone your skills. But when the underlying motivation is to prop up your self-worth as an artist, the results fall short.

Here’s the bottom line …

You don’t need anyone’s approval to be fully worthy of pursuing your creative desires (on whatever level you choose). The fact that you feel a calling to do it is all the reason you need.

That doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed fame or fortune simply because you have an interest in something, but you most definitely are as worthy as anyone to give it a shot.

If you are drawn to a creative endeavor, if you have any inkling to pursue something artistic … respect and nurture that impulse. You owe it to yourself to act on it.

Don’t wait for approval. Don’t wait to be accepted. Don’t wait to be chosen or picked.

Give yourself permission. It’s the only green light you need to get started on your path to being an Empowered Artist.

Write down this affirmation and read it out loud:

“I give myself permission to pursue my creative callings. I am worthy to follow these artistic urges as much as I am worthy to breathe the air around me. This is who I am and what I am being called to do. And I owe it to myself and the world to fully explore it.”

Really read this and do your best to internalize the message, even if it feels awkward at first. Especially if it feels awkward. You may be trying on a new attitude that you’ve never worn before. But keep trying it on. Over time you will relax into it and feel right at home.

If this message spoke to you, take a look at this Empowered Artist book page for even more inspiration.



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