Unleash the Artist WithinUnleash the Artist Within

Four Weeks to Transforming Your Creative Talents Into More Recognition, More Profit and More Fun

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What is it about creative career paths that cause so many people to look upon them with such disrespect, even disdain?

You’ve heard the comments before: “You go ahead and get those artistic urges out of your system,” they say. “Once you wise up, you can go out and get yourself a real job.”

And this depressing advice comes from all directions. Your teachers. Your friends. Your spouse. Your parents. Even your artistic peers. “You’ll never make any money as an artist (or writer, musician, photographer, designer, actor, crafter, you name it).”

Why must you endure this nonsense and end up putting your dreams and artistic passions on hold?

The truth is, you don’t have to!

Let me explain …

I’ve spent the last 20 years encouaging artists to give themselves credit and learn effective ways to share their talents with the world. I’ve also been immersed in a variety of creative passions myself, which have included playing in rock bands, releasing four albums of original music, publishing my own music magazine, doing stand-up comedy, teaching improv, painting and selling original art, and profitably writing and publishing books.

Along the way I’ve also enjoyed presenting workshops, being the music director of a rockin’ choir, hosting a local music video show, acting in and directing live theatre productions, and helping serious musicians market themselves better. I’ve been blessed with a good life that revolves around many satisfying (and often lucrative) creative activities.

You deserve to enjoy the same satisfaction

Lee Silber, author“When I picked up Unleash the Artist Within, my intention was to read it when I had time. Ha! I started reading it right away and simply couldn’t stop. What a great book!”
Lee Silber, author of Self-Promotion for the Creative Person

“Bob Baker’s advice on harnessing and expressing your creativity comes from someone who’s pursued his dreams, made mistakes, and shares wise lessons. If you have been putting off a creative project, but this motivating book and you’ll soon get cracking!”
Marcia Yudkin, author of Six Steps to Free Publicity”

“Brilliant insights have one thing in common – they make you marvel, ‘Why haven’t I thought of this?’ Don’t rack your brain any further. Unleash the Artist Within will spare you the deep-sea dive into your subconscious. Bob Baker presents all the wisdom you ever sought in a clear, easy-to-use style, leaving you with a unique ‘nothing can stop me now’ feeling.”
Christine Spindler, author of the Inspector Terry Mysteries, www.christinespindler.com


It is possible to make money and enjoy yourself as you pursue your ideal creative path. You just have to put a few basic principles into action on a regular basis to be successful.

The sad news is, the majority of people who say they want a career as a writer, artist or performer go about it the wrong way. They unknowingly take actions that hinder their progress. They pour their energies into unproductive tasks and end up spinning their wheels in frustration.

So what are the secrets to artistic success … and more importantly, how can you achieve it?

First, let me share my story. I wasn’t born into a wealthy family. I don’t have friends who wield power, nor do I have any special abilities. I’m certainly not a super salesman, and I don’t have a Type A, high-achiever personality.

What made the difference? I realized early on that I had a mind that was capable of making good things happen. However, it seemed most of the people around me felt as if they were victims of circumstance; that life handed them their fate and they were just along for the ride.

That wasn’t good enough for me. I soon came to a startling realization: The problem with people living dead-end lives is that they think dead-end thoughts. People who enjoy creative and successful lives think creative and successful thoughts — and then follow up on those thoughts with positive action.

Switching into success mode

Unleash the Artist WithinOnce I realized this simple but powerful truth, I started directing my thoughts in more productive ways. And the actions followed naturally. Sure, I’ve hit some speed bumps on my journey through life and creativity (and who hasn’t), but the rewards have been many. And they keep growing every year.

That’s why I wrote Unleash the Artist Within: Four Weeks to Transforming Your Creative Talents Into More Recognition, More Profit and More Fun.

This four-week workshop in a book consists of 28 daily lessons that will show you how to …

Unleash the Artist Within is an outstanding book! Sure to get your creative juices flowing. Bob Baker has years of knowledge, great tips and an ability to inspire.”
Marc Gunn, musician, Brobdingnagian Bards, www.marcgunn.com

“You’ll find one amazing idea after another in this inspiring guide for creative people of all kinds. Want to increase sales and boost your name recognition? Unleash the Artist Within is a must!”
Kim Gaona, Kim’s Reviews, www.kimgaona.com

Unleash the Artist Within takes all of the insights, tips and tools of the smart marketers, sales people and retailers of the world and shoehorns them into one book. Almost every topic results in an ‘A-ha’ moment. All together, readers should be slapping a big, fat, juicy kiss right on Bob’s cheek.”
Jeff Zbar, SBA Small Business Journalist of the Year, author of Home Office Know-How, www.goinsoho.com

What you can expect from this life-changing book

Every day for four weeks in a row you’ll read a new lesson that will motivate you and get you moving closer to your ideal creative life. True progress won’t occur until you apply new ideas on a consistent basis. That’s the concept behind the 28-day workshop. It’s a more effective, time-released method of learning and growing.

Unleash the Artist WithinStretch your mind … define your purpose … connect with fans … deliver creative value

Those are just some of the principles I discuss at length in the book. Another one is encouraging you to use your unique creative abilities to promote yourself. When you market your talents the same way you’ve always done it, or the same way a thousand other people have done it, you become part of the great artistic mass in which everyone looks and sounds the same.

Throughout this workshop, I’ll poke and prod you to be different, to expand your thinking, to focus your goals and actions — in essence, to become a true Creative Powerhouse.

I’m also going to ask you to do some serious soul searching and then follow up your daily reading with some journal writing and a specific Action Step. For it is here where my recommendations come to life and become your own.

“I’ve been devouring self-help and self-improvement books and articles for many years. I can’t think of any that offer more wisdom, more ideas, more inspiration and more motivation than your 28-day course.”
Lynn Kerrigan, Page One Publishing

“Are you a creative person ready to ditch your day job? Bob Baker’s Unleash the Artist Within offers solid strategies to help you towards your goal. Whether you want to tap into your creativity or market yourself to a larger audience, this book has something to offer. Don’t wait another day to get your dreams into gear!”
Carla Hall, singer/songwriter and author of The Musicians DIY Guide to the Music Biz, www.carlahall.com

“I am so impressed with the information, I find myself talking about it with other people who also have their own businesses. Spreading it out over 28 days helps me retain the material. The course has given me a better sense of attitude, style and a clearer direction to take in marketing.”
Abby Gerstein, nutritionist, New York

“I love the everyday format. It forces you to take the time to invest in your future. The course is great!”
Mary P. Walker, writer and publisher

You know you have the talent. You know you have the ability. The only question that remains is:

What will you do with them?

Much success to you!

-Bob Baker

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