The Unconventional Book Launch: Could YOU Do This?

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Kathleen Gage called it “One of the most creative book launches I have seen.”

She is talking about what I started doing last week, when I opened the door for my music marketing readers and fans to get their name in my next book — and start reading it now!

The thing is, I haven’t even finished writing the book yet!

This new title is called “Guerrilla Music Marketing Online: 135 Free and Low-Cost Strategies to Promote and Sell Your Music on the Internet.”

It’s about 90% done. But the coolest part (besides getting paid before the book is complete) is that these early buyers — my most supportive readers — will give me important feedback that will make the final product even better.

Sure, I could have waited until this new book was completely done and polished before letting anyone have a peek at it.

But that’s soooo 2007 🙂

That’s what a major book publisher would do — make their customers wait. But I’m an indie author and always have been. I’m also a musician who likes to bring a little rock and roll attitude to everything I do.

I prefer to do things different — things that benefit the people who matter most: my awesome readers and fans!

I did something similar when I launched my book “55 Ways to Promote & Sell Your Book on the Internet.” But I turned things up a notch with this one.

Take a look at how I structured the Guerrilla Music Marketing Online offer, which expires November 16, 2010. So take a look soon.

Then consider this question: Could you do something like this with YOUR next book?

Or are you firmly entrenched in the traditional ways of creating, publishing and selling books?


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