Ebook News, Sales Figures & Trends

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Ebooks have been around for some time, but for years they seemed to languish on the publishing backburner. But that is changing rapidly.

Here are some recent ebook news items that demonstrate how consumer demand is growing quickly — and what lies ahead for authors and book publishers:

“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” Author First to Sell 1 Million Ebooks via Kindle

Amazon Says Ebooks Will Overtake Paperback Sales by the End of 2011

Amazon Kindle Books Now Outselling Hardcovers

Barnes & Noble Captures 20% of Ebook Market

Borders Launches Ebook Store

Traditional Publishers Release Enhanced E-books for iPhone and iPad

Yes, the formats and reading devices can be a bit confusing. But there’s no denying that ebooks are here to stay.

What are your thoughts on these ebook trends? And how are you staying ahead of the curve? I invite you to leave your comments below.



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