Create Original Graphics with the Paper iPad App

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If you’re a writer, you focus on crafting words. But in today’s multimedia world, adding images to reinforce your words can be a great way to attract and engage readers.

A few weeks ago I discovered the new Paper app for the iPad. It’s free to get the ink pen tool, and $7.99 for the full kit.

I sprang for the full version. Here’s a quick doodle I made recently using it:

Then I got even more inspired and used the app to create almost all of the images in this new video on Direct to Fan Music Marketing:

Here are links to learn more about the Paper app
<a href=" buy zithromax″ target=”_blank”>

What about you?

How could you use Paper (or any other image creation app or software) to create original graphics to go with your articles, blog posts, videos, or books?


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  1. Alain Pernot says:

    Thanks Bob this is a gr8 video!

  2. Jesse Lee says:

    I used the Book creator iPad App to create the proof for my entire Children’s Picture Book, “That’s Not How Mommy Does It’. From the EPUB exported from the app I was able to publish the physical book on Amazon and to the iBookstore in Digital format.

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