Amazon’s Author Central Adds Sales by Week & Geography Stats

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This is good news for authors who are signed up for’s Author Central … (If you’re not, visit this page for details.)

Here’s part of the official blurb from Amazon:

“We’re happy to announce that – for the first time ever – authors can see weekly sales trends of their print books as reported by Nielsen BookScan. On the new Sales Info tab you can view your print book sales geographically, as well as by paperback or hardcover.”

There are three new Author Central features that provide helpful data: Sales by Geography, Sales by Week, and Bestsellers Rank History.

After poking around on it for a few minutes, I discovered that one of my bestselling books (Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook) had sold a number of copies in Boston, New York, and the Mobile-Pensacola area.

And by using the Bestsellers Rank History, I learned that over the past year the book hit as high as #9,064 on April 5 and dipped as low as #262,595 on November 11. It’s currently ranked #89,722 out of more than 8 million books.

Having access to these statistics could really come in handy. For instance, knowing where your books are popular might help you plan author tours or speaking events. The data could also help you rate the effectiveness of promotional campaigns.

Kudos to Amazon for making this valuable information available to authors and publishers who are signed up for the free Author Central program!

Again, if you have at least one book available for sale on Amazon, consider signing up for Author Central.


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