3 Ways Apple’s Tablet, iSlate or iPad Will Change the Ebook Game

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Today Apple is set to finally unveil its newest creation, rumored to be a tablet-like ebook reader and multimedia mobile device. We’ll know soon enough whether it’s called iTablet, iSlate, iPad or something else … but most tech experts agree its release will be a game changer.
Here are three ways Apple’s new gadget may impact you as an author and book publisher:

1) Amazon Kindle royalties are now higher

In an effort to take some of the steam out of Apple’s announcement, Amazon has raised the percentage it pays Kindle book authors and publishers from 35% to 70% for qualifying titles. See this Forbes article for some details this article.

Competition for ebook consumer dollars can be good for the creators of content. When authors have options, the companies that control the supply chain are compelled to make it more attractive for publishers.

2) More widespread acceptance of ebook readers and mobile reading

Ebooks and their acceptance as a viable reading format have been slow in growing over the years, but the past year or so (especially after the release of the Kindle) has seen a significant sales spike.

With Apple entering the ebook reader game, if its new device is even half as hip as the iPod, we could see an even bigger boost in the format.

3) An expanded definition for ebooks and the digital reading experience

According to this article, “It is believed that the Apple Tablet will change how electronic books are read because the new ebooks will be enhanced versions of their previous selves and will be accompanied by video, author interviews and social-networking applications.”

Lesson: Be ready to embrace multimedia in a variety of forms. Paper books aren’t going away, but consumers are increasingly absorbing information and entertainment on computers, cell phones, ebook readers, and other mobile devices.

How are you preparing yourself to make the most of this new era in book publishing?


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